Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revved-Up Spyware Terminator 2.7 Now Available

April 30, 2010: Crawler, LLC released its newly pumped-up Spyware Terminator version 2.7. The new improved design provides an easy-to-use intuitive interface for less experienced users. More experienced users will appreciate the greater ability to configure the program and customize its robust functions.

This latest version of the popular anti-spyware application features an Install Mode that automatically detects programs being installed. Users are able to temporarily suspend Real-Time Protection while installing programs and the added actions are automatically added into a white list.

New Modes let the user determine what actions should be allowed or denied. The new Allow Mode can be set to allow actions that would otherwise be denied as a blocked threat. Deny Mode allows all actions instead of just allowing safe ones.

Users can now specify which actions are to be automatically allowed or denied by all shields through White List or Black List functions. The new Review List function gives the user the opportunity to change their decision about previously allowed or denied actions.

Spyware Terminator’s enhanced HIPS now has new Mode functions allowing the user to choose an application control based on their experience level. Low Mode is designed for less experienced users and will reduce the number of HIPS alerts. High Mode is suitable for experienced users, who desire to fully control their computer.

New Custom Shields enable users to specify Real-Time Shield behavior in greater detail. Version 2.7 also includes Anti-phishing Protection function and other improvements in Real-Time Protection.

Spyware Terminator 2.7 is now available in Chinese and Turkish languages – the latest additions to a long list of translations. Plus, more translations are in the works. Any user can help translate Spyware Terminator into their native language, find out more by visiting our Translations section.

You can learn more about Spyware Terminator 2.7 by visiting the Spyware Terminator website. To download the latest version, go to our Download section.