Friday, May 16, 2014

Bitcoins Now Being Accepted for PCRx Registry Cleaner
May 16, 2014: As one of the first in the computer security software industry to accept digital currency, is advancing the growing trend of this payment method. The bitcoin community can now use virtual currency to quickly repair and maximize their personal computer’s performance with PCRx Registry Cleaner.
By adopting bitcoin as a new payment option, financial transactions are anticipated to be accomplished much more efficiently than through traditional payment systems. It’s a sensible approach that reduces the cost of doing business while simplifying the purchase process for bitcoin customers.
PCRx Registry Cleaner is available for Windows® based systems through the PCRx website at and other download sites. Downloading the software will provide a thorough system diagnosis and free up more disk space. Licenses for more comprehensive repairs are available for purchase with major credit cards, and now bitcoin, as forms of payment.
The software is safe and easy for anyone to use. For more tech savvy users, the application settings can be customized according to individual taste. Both advanced and novice users are assured safety of their operating system as PCRx Registry Cleaner automatically creates backup sets that allow for easy restoration of a previous system state if necessary.