Friday, December 20, 2013

Newtown, Connecticut: One Year Later
December 20, 2013: I reflect on the first anniversary of that terrible day when the innocent lives of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Conn. were taken, and can’t imagine how difficult it must be for those families to overcome such a tragic loss a year later, especially during the holiday season. I’ve heard that some families have found strength through forgiveness and have moved on, others have taken up new causes in the name of lost loved ones, while others remain as an open wound, unable to move forward. This tragedy struck me deeply, as a father, man, and human being. This is why I took it upon myself to raise more than $17,600 to help Sandy Hook Elementary School children recover and excel past this devastating event.
Using the popular fundraising site IndieGoGo®, my personal contribution along with the generous contributions from supporters quickly surpassed my original goal. Due to the viral nature of the campaign and its promotion on one of the top sites on the Internet,, this campaign proved to be an efficient means of fundraising for the children who were so wrongfully harmed.
Like the Sandy Hook Elementary PTA, I, too, believe it is important that we strive to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and their surrounding communities. We need to advocate for the safety, education, and love for all children around the world.
It is my hope that the fundraising efforts and its positive resulting effects have made us all more aware of our children, and that it prevents a future catastrophe like this from ever happening again.
Traditional Start Menu is Preferred by Windows® 8.1 Users and Classic Start 8 Delivers
Dwcember 20, 2013: Users of Windows® 8 favor a traditional style start menu and Classic Start 8 software has been responsive to their desires. Classic Start 8 has been providing a reliable no-cost start menu solution for Windows® 8 users since being released by Crawler, LLC last year. The recent Windows® 8.1 update addressed issues in direct response to users’ frustrations with using the Metro user interface. However, users still preferred the familiarity of a traditional style start menu than the deeply buried, hard to find feature that Windows® 8.1 provided. Since the lukewarm reception of Windows® 8.1 by its users, Classic Start 8 has seen strong growth in installations.
This is because Classic Start 8 preserves the familiar form and function of Windows® 7 for the Windows® 8.1 upgrade. By placing a traditional style start button back in its place, along with access to all programs, pinning options, search features and shut down choices, users can take full advantage of this latest version from Microsoft®.
Those hesitating to improve their Windows® experience with an upgrade to Windows® 8 because of its touch input or navigation features, no longer need to delay. Classic Start 8 maintains the way users operate Windows®, easing the transition to the Windows® 8 Metro interface.
Businesses and personal users moving to Windows® 8 can hit the ground running with Classic Start 8, by giving them a way to adapt to the power, speed and innovation of the new user interface with a minimal learning curve.
Available free for home and business use, Classic Start 8 can be downloaded from its website at Classic Start 8 and is offered on many free download websites.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Inbox Storage Makes File Synchronization Easy
November 7, 2013: Inbox Storage is the ideal Cloud and File Synchronization Service enabling users around the world to connect to their files, folders, photos and music effortlessly from anywhere there's an Internet connection. Built with high-level encryption and SSL technology, users can rely on safe and secure data transfers and storage from virtually everywhere. This innovative solution is the ultimate in real-time file synchronization and online data storage for all file types.
With an Inbox Storage account of up to 100GB in private cloud storage, files are automatically synchronized across multiple computers and devices at 3-6 times per minute among synchronized computers.
Features include automatic file protection, access to file history and reversible changes and deletions. Files can be managed via the Inbox Storage desktop application, or in a browser via the Inbox Storage Web interface. The application conveniently runs in the background, automatically keeping the files synchronized and backed up. The file management interface is exceptionally clean and practical.
Inbox Storage is compatible with Windows® 2003, Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 (32- & 64-bit).
Browsers supported include Internet Explorer® 7+, Firefox® 3+, Google Chrome™, and Opera® 9+.
Inbox Storage mobile apps are also available. Download from the App Store℠ for iOS, Google Play™ for Android™, and under the Apps tab for Windows Phone®.
Free and paid accounts are available. Learn more by visiting the Inbox Storage website.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Online Vault Backup Expands Supported Platforms

November 6, 2013: Online Vault Backup is our small yet powerful cloud storage application that automatically backs up all-important data online for safekeeping, and has been safely securing computer users’ documents, photos, videos and other files non-stop since its launch in 2010. This once Windows®-only service has evolved for use with OS X® based systems and then expanded into super simple-to-use multi-platform mobile apps.
Our latest mobile platform releases include:
  • Windows Phone®: Windows Phone® users can back up their photos, contacts and other phone data online. Files are securely stored in a personal cloud account and are accessible anytime from Internet connected devices. With simple file restoration, data storage safeguards and easy app usability, Online Vault Backup is a clear choice for Windows Phone® users.
  • Blackberry®: Blackberry® users enjoy affordable backup solutions for their files, photos, video and other phone data, uploading these to an online personal web account. Safely preserve and restore irreplaceable data in case a phone is lost, damaged, or stolen by using Online Vault Backup’s automatic backup and security features.
  • Android™: With Android™ use growing in popularity, Online Vault Backup now offers its low-cost backup solutions to these phone users. Automatically and securely back up files, photos and other phone data to a personal web account and restore the information quickly. Android™ users now have a safe way to preserve irreplaceable data.
 With Online Vault Backup, computer and smartphone users never again have to worry about losing their phone data.
Online Vault Backup is available for your PC and Macintosh®. It is fully compatible with Windows XP® 32/64Bit, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 32/64Bit, Windows® 8 and Mac® OS X®.

Reflecting on 11 Years of Global Technology Innovation

November 6, 2013: It was a little over one year ago that Xacti celebrated its 10-year anniversary. I started Xacti in 2002 with a handful of talented individuals and it’s now an international phenomenon. To commemorate this monumental event, I brought Xacti’s worldwide staff together for an extravagant, all-expense paid Mediterranean cruise.

Nearly one hundred of Xacti’s employees and staff from Brno, Czech Republic, Helsinki, Finland and Boca Raton, Florida, were flown into Savona, Italy for the launch of an unforgettable anniversary celebration. No expense was spared in ensuring a once-in-a lifetime celebration that had team members awe-struck by the sheer grandeur of the event, complemented by the breathtaking lure of Mediterranean panoramas. Stops included Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain, and Marseille, France, where the team explored the cities, enjoyed the cuisine and visited local merchants.

The international team wholeheartedly engaged in the extravagant entertainment and good-spirited festivities on board the unique cruise ship. From the Vegas-style casino, elegant restaurants and bars to the dancing lights, shows and a karaoke night, camaraderie was in top form as we sailed from port to port.

I recall a team member's remark, “The cruise was a daring team-building adventure and a far greater expression of thanks and generosity from a company whose ten years of big ideas in innovation called for a celebration on an even bigger boat.”

Those words ring true. For the past 11 years, Xacti has been developing and marketing innovative business technology solutions ranging from mobile software, security products, cloud storage applications and utilities to business advertising and marketing solutions.

Xacti’s achievements are rooted in delivering best value and service excellence through bold inventiveness for both consumers and businesses.

With a few ideas and some real talented individuals, Xacti was born. Now, as the 11th year is underway, Xacti continues to drive innovation into its products and services, delivering truly compelling value to its business clients and the overall online marketplace.

Future plans for the company are aimed at continuing to provide business clients with increasingly original and inventive solutions with greater expansion into the mobile arena, security software and cloud storage services. Our offerings will continue to evolve, keeping up with the latest trends, IT advancements and the Web’s evolution.

I cannot tell you what this next decade for Xacti will bring, but I can guarantee it will be worth watching. Xacti’s innovative evolution has only just begun.