Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crawler, LLC Announces IM ToolPack - Free Image Sharing Software

March 10, 2010 : Crawler’s new IM ToolPack™ simplifies image sharing for users of social networking sites and instant messengers. This impressively efficient application can be used for both capturing screenshots and uploading photos and images, annotating them and then generating image links to post on social networking sites such as Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® and MySpace™. Instant messaging integration allows users to immediately send image links on their favorite instant messenger service including AIM®, Windows Live™ Messenger 2009, Yahoo!® Messenger, ICQ®, Google Talk™ and MSN® Messenger. Additionally, image links can be sent via email and be posted on websites, blogs and forums.

Easy Peasy
Capturing full or partial screenshots is instantaneous using IM ToolPack’s user-friendly snapshot functionality. Photo and image files can be uploaded quickly using the drag-and-drop feature or acquired directly from webcams and scanners. IM ToolPack images are stored online and can be accessed through the IM ToolPack website at By accessing the stored images, users can save them to a local hard drive, resend links through social networks, instant messengers and emails, or copy and paste image URLs or embed codes into the html code for websites, blogs and forums.

Tools that Rock
Easy-to-use editing tools make IM ToolPack ideal for quick annotations, allowing the user to add text, draw on, highlight or crop the image. It also comes with optional anti-malware protection that scans incoming links in instant messages and emails helping to prevent computer and data infection. An integrated spell checker helps users improve their communication through instant messaging and emails. To view an example screenshot, visit the link:

To learn more about IM ToolPack, please read our press release. IM ToolPack is free for home and business use and is available at our Download section.