Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Reflecting on 11 Years of Global Technology Innovation

November 6, 2013: It was a little over one year ago that Xacti celebrated its 10-year anniversary. I started Xacti in 2002 with a handful of talented individuals and it’s now an international phenomenon. To commemorate this monumental event, I brought Xacti’s worldwide staff together for an extravagant, all-expense paid Mediterranean cruise.

Nearly one hundred of Xacti’s employees and staff from Brno, Czech Republic, Helsinki, Finland and Boca Raton, Florida, were flown into Savona, Italy for the launch of an unforgettable anniversary celebration. No expense was spared in ensuring a once-in-a lifetime celebration that had team members awe-struck by the sheer grandeur of the event, complemented by the breathtaking lure of Mediterranean panoramas. Stops included Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain, and Marseille, France, where the team explored the cities, enjoyed the cuisine and visited local merchants.

The international team wholeheartedly engaged in the extravagant entertainment and good-spirited festivities on board the unique cruise ship. From the Vegas-style casino, elegant restaurants and bars to the dancing lights, shows and a karaoke night, camaraderie was in top form as we sailed from port to port.

I recall a team member's remark, “The cruise was a daring team-building adventure and a far greater expression of thanks and generosity from a company whose ten years of big ideas in innovation called for a celebration on an even bigger boat.”

Those words ring true. For the past 11 years, Xacti has been developing and marketing innovative business technology solutions ranging from mobile software, security products, cloud storage applications and utilities to business advertising and marketing solutions.

Xacti’s achievements are rooted in delivering best value and service excellence through bold inventiveness for both consumers and businesses.

With a few ideas and some real talented individuals, Xacti was born. Now, as the 11th year is underway, Xacti continues to drive innovation into its products and services, delivering truly compelling value to its business clients and the overall online marketplace.

Future plans for the company are aimed at continuing to provide business clients with increasingly original and inventive solutions with greater expansion into the mobile arena, security software and cloud storage services. Our offerings will continue to evolve, keeping up with the latest trends, IT advancements and the Web’s evolution.

I cannot tell you what this next decade for Xacti will bring, but I can guarantee it will be worth watching. Xacti’s innovative evolution has only just begun.