Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Online Vault Backup Expands Supported Platforms

November 6, 2013: Online Vault Backup is our small yet powerful cloud storage application that automatically backs up all-important data online for safekeeping, and has been safely securing computer users’ documents, photos, videos and other files non-stop since its launch in 2010. This once Windows®-only service has evolved for use with OS X® based systems and then expanded into super simple-to-use multi-platform mobile apps.
Our latest mobile platform releases include:
  • Windows Phone®: Windows Phone® users can back up their photos, contacts and other phone data online. Files are securely stored in a personal cloud account and are accessible anytime from Internet connected devices. With simple file restoration, data storage safeguards and easy app usability, Online Vault Backup is a clear choice for Windows Phone® users.
  • Blackberry®: Blackberry® users enjoy affordable backup solutions for their files, photos, video and other phone data, uploading these to an online personal web account. Safely preserve and restore irreplaceable data in case a phone is lost, damaged, or stolen by using Online Vault Backup’s automatic backup and security features.
  • Android™: With Android™ use growing in popularity, Online Vault Backup now offers its low-cost backup solutions to these phone users. Automatically and securely back up files, photos and other phone data to a personal web account and restore the information quickly. Android™ users now have a safe way to preserve irreplaceable data.
 With Online Vault Backup, computer and smartphone users never again have to worry about losing their phone data.
Online Vault Backup is available for your PC and Macintosh®. It is fully compatible with Windows XP® 32/64Bit, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 32/64Bit, Windows® 8 and Mac® OS X®.